We are a holistic home-based childcare licensed in the state of Illinois, that follows a custom play based and Waldorf/nature inspired curriculum. We strive to instill a respect for nature (and all living things) in our children. This is taught when children participate in the planning, planting, and tending of our garden and flower beds, group activities, and during free exploration!

Our mission is to prepare children for future learning environments by helping them grow to become confident individuals, life-long learners, effective contributors, and responsible citizens. This is accomplished by providing a foundation of developmentally appropriate experiences where all children can succeed in a safe and nurturing environment while allowing each child to explore and develop their own individual interests.

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Our Programs

We offer 3-day and 5-day weekly enrollment options.

Our programs encourage children to engage in a range of developmentally appropriate activities to practice their skills and grow their self-confidence. When children are allowed to explore their own interests, they grow their innate curiosity. We use hands-on activities to engage children in opportunities to practice problem solving and critical thinking. By providing real-life experience, children grow in their competence and self-reliance.

August - May

June - August